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Becoming a Poll Watcher

This “Poll Watcher’s Guide” has been designed to familiarize poll watchers with their basic rights and responsibilities. The integrity of elections is a concern of all citizens, and although poll watchers may represent particular candidates, political parties, or specific-purpose political action committees, their main interest is in the conduct of a fair and honest election.

A poll watcher’s role in an election is established by Chapter 33 of the Texas Election Code and is defined as follows:

Poll Watcher – a person appointed to observe the conduct of an election on behalf of:

  • a candidate,
  • a political party, or
  • the proponents or opponents of a measure (specific-purpose political action committees). 

Appointment of Poll Watcher by Candidate Form

Appointment of Poll Watcher by Political Party Form

Appointment of Poll Watcher for Propositions or Measures

Appointment of Poll Watcher by Registered Voters on Behalf of Write-In Candidate