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We are working on providing more information regarding the County's public pensions in one easy to navigate page.  Please check back soon for this information. 

If you have any questions or would like to request specific documents, you may do so through our public information request. 


Victoria County welcomes you to our Public Pension Transparency webpage.  It is our objective to provide the public with clear, understandable and searchable information regarding the county's pension and so much more.

Victoria County provides retirement, disability and death benefits for full-time employees through an agent, multiple-employer, defined-benefit plan. This plan is administered by the state-wide, public-employee Texas County and District Retirement System ("TCDRS"). TCDRS is governed by the TCDRS Board of Trustees and administers the pension plans of nearly 800 counties and districts throughout Texas.  While the County is a part of TCDRS, the Victoria County Commissioners Court defines the benefit plan for county employees and retirees.

Victoria County's plan provides the following benefit level:

Employee contribution rate: 7% of pay

Employer matching rate: 200%

Years required for vesting: 8 years

Prior service credit:                 100%

Service retirement eligibility: 75 years total (age + service)*, Age 60* vested or 20 years at any age

*Must be vested.

Other benefits: Group Term Life Insurance


For more information on TCDRS, please visit their website

For more details on state and local pensions plans in Texas, please visit the Public Pension Search Tool on the State Comptroller website.